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How To Create Monetized WordPress Sites

How To Create A Monetized WordPress Sites
Subjects we will cover in this post.. “Click Titles


YouTube Videos to help you too…

Logging into Cpanel and using Quickinstall to create a blog folder on your domain.
Logging into your WP-Admin area on your new WordPress Blog Admin Page.
A brief video from YouTube on what are Plugins and what benefits they give you.

Logging into the WP-Admin area and looking it over.

Logging into the WP-Admin area and looking it over.

Logging into your WP-Admin area to look at all your optins in
the admin panel.

When I create a blog in Cpanel I always save my logins to a
notepad file, and name it “wordpress logins” that way I can
do a search and get all my logins for all my blog installs.

I don’t choose remember password when I login, as it will
overwrite my other logins, and get all confused. so I just copy
all my login details at the time I create the new folder in Cpanel
when I create a new blog folder with Quickinstall, and then
the WordPress link over in the left menu field…

Let’s Look At A Few Things First Then Install The Editing Plugin I Like Best Called Tinymce

Installing Themes, Adding Pages, Inserting Links and Images

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